No Borders

by Fifty/Fifty

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There is freedom inside all of us. It`s in our dreams and thoughts,
actions, beliefs, attitude towards people and the world.
We`re going with you hand in hand.


released February 22, 2016



all rights reserved


Fifty/Fifty Ivano Frankivsk, Ukraine

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Track Name: Piece of Mine
Come сloser, stand tight
Don`t be afraid, we don`t bite
We`re not thieves to steal something from you
Days goes by, estranging us
Someone's changed, and got lost
Only one thing in your mind you can`t remove
Memories of those moments that are passing through the routine of time
I hope some day they gonna make you smile
`Cos I give you a piece of mine

We get enriched when we share
We get full, became wealthier
We believe you will get what you give
Till the end of the age
No one can take it away
Yeah it`s all yours until the last breath
We gift this songs, stories of our entity
Come closer, get ready
`cos I give you a piece of mine

Tonight we`re getting enriched
Tonight we`ll go unite
Tonight we become wealthier
Tonight I`m giving you a piece of mine
Track Name: Discord
How could this has happened to us
Unkind forces brought us distraction and discord
To bring down in hate our minds
confide in and trust, keep the mouth locked
Air`s overwhelmed by nervousness
We need to get through the baptism of fire
Then burn out all dissidents
And bury ourselves alive

Since when tolerance`s a bad feature
Misunderstanding`s increasing void, it devours
History doesn`t teach us
Stop kindling nonsensical wars
TV explains who is guilty
A thief surprisingly is detected as a saint
Holy miracle`s happened
Blood on hands turned into paint

to write the names of the enemies
and put the letter into your mailbox

Should we lose the sight of past to achieve higher?
Is it necessary to get through the baptism of fire?
Wash one`s hands
To clear conscience
Track Name: Halfsong
Winds and rainfalls are washing the scars
Recalling the wounds of my bugs
Still fucking hearts
Blow of fate
Healed up by salted tears
I`m not those guy I used to be
At the start of my way

Follow the stars through serene seas
When storm`s dozing, till the world`s spinning
Tried to be strong, to stay fair and clean
Along my way, till my heart`s beating

Wounds became scars
Sand keeps pouring through hourglass
Counting days set aside for us
Grains could turn to pearl
But these will quietly fall again and again
Till the earth`s spinning

Breaking through the storm, keeping on my fight
There`s no shore to moor, to hide to survive
Need to be strong, following the dream
Honest all the way along, till my heart`s beating
Track Name: Let Me Go
Last night I had a dream
I`ve never had like this before
She said "I`m so tired to tread
On your heels anywhere you go
It`s so hard to be around
To stand on your shadow while
You`re making a photo, I look at you
But there`s no my reflection in your eyes

Let me go

Tearing from the heart
We have to land the core
Sometimes sacrificing the most valuable
We`re getting so much more
My brother, believe me I share your pain
I know you still hurt
Much water has flown under the bridge
She said we have to let her go
Track Name: No Borders
We've got the same color of blood in our veins
Same feelings of love and loathing, joy and pain
We understand each other without any words
We are the citizens of the planet earth

No borders for skateboarders
No borders for all of us

Scattered through out the continents and lands
Cherish seeds of peace, equality and tolerance
No matter we don`t look alike, probably we`ll never gonna meet each other
If you hear me capture you`re my sister, you`re my brother

No skatestops!
No boundaries!
No limits!
No frames!

You`re the one who can free your mind to leave your willing cage
To salute each other leave behind your backs the broken gates
No skatestops!
No boundaries!
No frames!
No frames!

No borders for skateboarders
No borders for all of us
Track Name: To The Sky
We don`t ask for permission
Dont`t follow the leaders
Reaching goals not by the route
I don`t wanna say I always make right decisions
That I don`t feel disappointment if I`ll fall

If I chose the wrong path
To stay on the site means death
I`ve got my friends behind
We`re getting closer to the sky

But the closer we get to the top of the mountain
We are closer to the gods (if they exist)
The deeper and further we keep going and going
We leave our worries behind

I just wanna get my piece of pie
A dream I strive, a life to live, not to survive
You won`t get it if you don`t even try
To get closer to the sky

We`re getting closer (to the sky)
Track Name: Better Way (Acoustic)
I`m tired of words "Everything will be ok"
And waiting till this day is coming
I hate this normality when everything is bad
I want to live my life today

A lot of shitt happened
I can not cut this pages
I can`t say "Everything that happens,
Is for finding the better way"

I`m so fucked up
Of this situation
Like you are standing on train station
Holding ticket to the better life

Bored Of carrying my life baggage
Bored of tedious, idle waitang
There`s no place on this planet
Where I can calm down and hide

A lot of shitt happened
I can not cut this pages
I`m saying "Everything that happens,
Is for finding the better way"

Bad is a new good
Now where is your god?
Where are those things
You ask him about?
Track Name: Tour Song
One more magical sunrise
We meet somewhere, so far from home
After the show, we played last night
Before the show, we playing tomorrow
A lot of distant places
So many brand new faces
But we never felt, as the strangers

Cause new people we meet
Like one more breath, that we need

Good bye my friends
Life is a road, that never ends
We`re back to you again, through calms and storms
Good bye my friends
Life is a road that never ends
We`ll meet again, despite of fortune

We keep going, no matter what
To ride tomorrow new spot
Caring guitars on our backs
Crossing through the distances
Under stars and burning sun
Hanging out and having fun
Searching our kindred souls, among the web of roads

We`ve been lost a long time ago
But we can`t stop, we must move on
Track Name: Хрещення Вогнем (Bonus)
Як це могло статися з нами?
Чи самі ми привели в наш дім цю біду?
Врожай щедрий ненависті ми пожинаєм
Сліпо вір, довіряй, тримай рот на замку

Нервозність в повітрі?
Ми маєм!
Пройти через хрещення вогнем
Де згорять всі незгідні
А потім себе ми поховаєм живцем

Чому терпимість в зневазі?
Нерозуміння як прірва затягує нас
Історія нічому не навчає
Полум'я війни і далі обпікає серця
Нам пояснять хто винен
Будуть ті, хто зізнався в гріхах
В святе чудо повірим
Це фарба багряна, це не кров на руках
Імена ворогів написаних нею
Посильний залишить в наших поштових скриньках

Поховавши минуле, чого ми тоді досягнем?
Невже обов'язково нам пройти через хрещення вогнем?
Умивши руки
Очистити душі