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Revolutions and losses of loved one's, many hangouts, broken skateboards and drunk alcohol, big cities, narrow apartments, joy and sorrow - there is always a flipside.
We had spent last two years within this dissonance , before we formed Fifty/Fifty.
Everything we lived through is reflected in our lyrics and music.
We are pleased, to give those stories to you, with our first album Flipside.
We`re all different personalities. We are Fifty/Fifty. Flipside


released April 17, 2015



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Fifty/Fifty Ivano Frankivsk, Ukraine

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Track Name: Flipside
I`d rather quit my job
If it does not alowed
To ride enough
Skatebording saves
Skate saves my life
It Keeps away from
Workdays oppressive boredom

But sometimes I must to choose
Between riding and wild savage booze
But sometimes I must to choose
Between riding and booze
Track Name: Better Way
I`m tired of words "Everything will be ok"
And waiting till this day is coming
I hate this normality when everything is bad
I want to live my life today

A lot of shitt happened
I can not cut this pages
I can`t say "Everything that happens,
Is for finding the better way"

I`m so fucked up
Of this situation
Like you are standing on train station
Holding ticket to the better life

Bored Of carring my life baggage
Bored of tedious, idle waitang
There`s no place on this planet
Where I can calm down and hide

A lot of shitt happened
I can not cut this pages
I`m saying "Everything that happens,
Is for finding the better way"

Bad is a new good
Now where is your god?
Where are those things
You ask him about?
Track Name: Pray For The Skate
A lot of problems I`ve got today
It`s not a solution to run away
If yours life sucks and you can`t fix it up
Just take your board and ride all day

If you feels like
Your heart is broken
Like doing some stupid trick you broke your deck
You have to take your balls into your hands
You must stay strong, and go ahead

If you lost your dream
If lost your way
Don`t pray for your gods
Take your board and go skate
Track Name: Don't Wait
Huge bag of suck
It`s all we`ve got
Twenty years of independence
(I can`t figure out from what)
We had lifelong dream
We were standing for
And now we`re slaves
Sated with MTV and Coce

Don`t wait for salvation
Won`t help neither of integrations
Don`t pray for salvation
Russia and European Union

Now I wan`t you to hear
The problem is right here
No one else can not protect and treat
Us from our internal threat
Track Name: 50/50
Right now
Side by side
United as one
Call us fifty fifty

Rihgt now
Here for you
Short story about
Our ideilogy

I`m not the one what you can see
It`s world war three inside of me
I`m contradictory
I`m fifty fifty

I am a slave but I feel free
I`m not religious but belive
You`ll get what you give `cos we`re
fifty fifty

The glass is half full or empty it`s relatively (fifty fifty)
Grey color is a tint of black or white (fifty fifty)
There is no war whithout a peace (fifty fifty)
We are different identities (fifty fifty)
Track Name: Heroes Eyes
We were fools when
We belive their words
We were blind and naive
When we thought
There was one sky we could see
Through the prison bars
And we paid the price
Price of human lives

They will not wake up tomorrow
They won`t be cheering the new sunrise
They were fighting, and they died for
Our right to feel wormth of tomorrow`s sun

Mutual strive, united souls
Jointed resistance, same thoughts
Final fight against the cruel beast and inner fears
One for all, and all for one!
we`ll not forget and not forgive
Heroes eyes wanted to live
Track Name: Hanging Out
I wasn`t going hang out tonight
It just did not depend on me
But now the sun is raising in the morning sky
And I`m like walking disease

Sorry mom I`m drunk tonight
Sorry mom I`m drunk
We hung out all night and we had a lot of fun
Sorry mom tonight I`m drunk

I woke up and my mouth is burning
And hot sun `s shining in the sky
Good afternoon dear mom and dad
what the fuck where am I?
I must to do something with headache
It`s already 2 pm
The party went down really well
Cos I`ve got a lot of things to shame
Track Name: Oh Girl
Handsome and rich
Or faithful and wise
Expensive gifts
Or good advice
Can I ride a skateboard or I need to have a car
Must we visit restaurants
Or just hang out in the bar

Oh girl what do you need?
A sponsor or a friend?
Track Name: Last Words
Full of life and full of love
She took less then she wanted to give
So strong, so young
She always knew what she wants
The sun shined brighter when she had fun
And even skies cried when she`s gone

She was absolutely rock`n`roll
She was partying like no one
THere is one thing you should know
My heart is beating for you
The sun shined brighter when she had fun
And even skies went crying when she`s gone

I just wanna hear your voice
Were her last words
I just wanna hear your voice
It was the last she said

My dear friends
Take care of peole you love
Forgive mistakes
`Cos the day may come
When it`s to late